Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) Makerspace

Shenzhen Polytechnic is a vocational/technical school in Shenzhen, China. Their school of art and design is a listed makerspace, though it is better to contact the director Ann (wechat: chenjiansong292223) for a comprehensive look at the space. You’re certainly welcome to visit the school, which has an excellent coffee shop on the third floor. There are always exhibitions of the various departments’ works in the lobby and around the building.


The pushpin marked GUANGDONG is the building, located on SZPT west campus

The Art and Design school was set up in March of 1995, and has 12 areas of study: Environmental Art Design, Fashion Design and tailoring, Advertising Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry Making & Accreditation, Furniture Design and Craftwork, Base of Art Design, Figure Image Design, Decorative Art Design, Exhibition Design, timepieces, Glasses and Gifts, and Sculpture Design.

The total area of the school is over 10000 ㎡, with 1693 pieces of training equipment provided, and a total investment of over 1.3 billion yuan.

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