Falmouth University Researchers at Litchee Lab in Shenzhen

Falmouth researcher at litchee lab makerspace in shenzhen
falmouth researcher at litchee lab makerspace in shenzhen

british-at-litchee-lab_27469295930_oLast March 2016, we joined a fantastic event at Litchee Lab in the High-Tech Park area of Shenzhen. Litchee Lab is a new maker space that’s frankly amazing inside, complete with a fancy coffee area and woodworking shop.

british-at-litchee-lab_27136424903_oThe British visitors came from Falmouth University, doing a research project on makerspaces in Shenzhen. This will probably just continue to grow as a topic as Shenzhen is home to more than a hundred makerspaces, incubators, and related organizations.

british-at-litchee-lab_27136422003_oThe project we worked on was a collaborative poster. We used a laser etching machine to great “rubber” stamps with images that evoked “maker” to us.

british-at-litchee-lab_27469218270_oThe coolest part was that the stamps used electricity conductive ink, so it was possible to imprint sound into the poster. When you touch a section, it will play a sentence from us explaining our stamps.

british-at-litchee-lab_27134843644_oMy stamp was the “shen” in Shenzhen because Shenzhen is maker central and it also means “deep” in Chinese.

british-at-litchee-lab_27646696452_o british-at-litchee-lab_27646701102_o british-at-litchee-lab_27646623432_oI love the vibe at Litchee Labs and we are heading back there tomorrow to see what else they are doing. They currently offer adults a space to work for 600/month and many, many cool classes for kids like a woodworking workshop this morning.

Litchee Lab

深圳-南山科技园中区麻雀岭工业区M10栋一楼Litchee Lab

Building M10, near Shenzhen University Metro Stop, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China


(I originally wrote this post on my Shenzhen website.)


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