Huaqiangbei Maker Tour and the Amazing Jim

Before I moved to Seattle last fall, my friend Hans and I were doing free makerspace tours in Shenzhen. It was super popular and was actually a big inspiration for me to start Renegade Maker.

Our biggest tour by far was the Huaqiangbei tour. We had about 30 people, which is crazy. I got lost INSIDE SEG Electronics market, so I asked a well-known Shenzhen maker to lead the tour. They agreed, but basically gave us the shaft and didn’t show up! So, what now?

Jim! One of the nicest guys in Shenzhen was there and graciously offered to show us around. He’s probably been a maker in HQB longer than just about anyone, so it was an amazing tour. He runs a makerspace that is genuinely open to anyone, which has closed and opened a few times. Check out the video above and say hi to Jim!




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